Background 2009 - 2012

2009: Best Practices in Youth Policies and Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean

In 2009 more than 20 organizations from the government academia and civil sectors, at international, regional and national levels, met to develop the project on best practices in youth policies and programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. This project sought to promote and enhance the leading role of young people in the development of their own community. It reaffirmed the urgency for the implementation of specific policies and programmes for youth, which are effective in the transformation of Latin American and Caribbean societies for the common good.
A regional call was conducted to identify and select the best examples of successful initiatives in 6 themes of intervention. Policies, programmes and projects concerned were registered through a virtual platform.

Governments and organizations (academia and civil sectors) from various regions presented their policies and programmes. 809 representatives from governments and private and civil bodies registered on the virtual platform; and 600 practices were registered. After a pre-selection process, 71 policies and 259 programmes were evaluated by an evaluation committee consisting of 57 members. Finally, 16 programmes and 16 policies were selected by the organizing committee and were invited to a regional Youth Meeting held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 4, 5 and 6 November 2009.

2012: Good Practices on Youth Employment

In 2012, the ILO decided to build upon the experience of the best practices in youth programmes and policies Project (2009) and its platform to launch, globally, the Youth Employment Practices Initiative in order to give continuity to the Project. More than 100 practices over 50 countries participated in the Initiative. The practices presented were evaluated and scored by 15 experts on youth employment and 23 young people working actively in favor of decent work.

5 good practices from each ILO region (Africa, Americas, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific and Europe and Central Asia) with the highest grades were selected. Representatives from these programmes were invited to the Youth Employment Forum (Geneva, Switzerland from 12 to 15 May 2012) where they shared their experiences with participants. A publication of the best practices was developed, which gave them the opportunity to have greater visibility.

Due to the success of the Initiative, and in response to the request from Member States at the 101th Session of the International Labour Conference (Geneva, June 2012): to "establish mechanisms to review and dissemination of good practices in interventions regarding youth employment ", a new call is launched, which will remain open until April 15, 2013.

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