Take some time to submit your practice and let it be assessed!

How is the assessment of your practice going to take place?

First, the proposals will be reviewed by a pre-selection committee to verify that each programme meets the requirements and criteria.

The proposals that meet all the requirements and criteria will be given to an evaluation committee (composed of experts and young specialists on youth employment). Each proposal will be assessed and given a score on a scale of 0 to 10.

Lastly, proposals with the highest scores will be assessed in a second evaluation round. The committee will select a first place for each ILO region. First place winners will earn 2000 USD and 3 of them will star in a feature on MTV. Also, all selected practices will be published online and receive a counselling session with a youth employment expert. Five second places will be selected, which will receive 1000USD each*.

*The evaluation committee reserves the right to declare the prize null and void in any or all regions, and/or award more than one prize per region, if appropriate.

The evaluation committee will be composed of experts and young specialists on youth employment. Know more about the committees in 2009 and 2012.
2009-2013 ILO - University of Colima