Innovative Youth
Lycee Union" NGO
Our organization members are young people who have different level problems regarding employment. In the beginning of 2000 our NGO conducted many discussions and round tables about future unemployment issues of youth. There were professional NGOs, state body members and private sector representatives who started to think about this big issue. We designed concept of youth employment and tried to involve it into bill about youth. Unfortunately the bill was in table and nobody discussed it in National Assembly. After that we started advocacy and lobbying campaign on it and we closed to the success in 2007, but there was a election and in 2008 world crisis. And now we know that this issue is high priority then before crisis. Now we continue to mobilize our resources and get successes. To promote development of democratic values and civil conscious of youth. 1. To support the employment problems of young people, 2. To conduct educational, research and training projects on different fields, 3. To organize advocacy projects for solving youth related issues in our country,
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