Youth Empowerment Support Jobs for Unemployed Marginalised Young People (YES-JUMP) Green Initiatives
Action 24
The objective of the project is to contribute to the poverty alleviation efforts in Zimbabwe through creating decent and sustainable jobs for the youth of poor and marginalized communities. The focus of the project is youth employment. For this purpose, the project will assist local communities in rural and urban Norton, to create 30 decent jobs in the district (more than half will be for young women). This will be done through skills training and financial support to local job creation schemes and sustainable livelihoods and strengthening small enterprises and cooperatives. The project strategy will be to create a broader partnership to implement priority projects, between the unemployed youth groups, government agencies (ministries in-charge of youth and labour), and financing institutions such as local banks and money landing institutes. Good practice jobs to be created for young women and men will be replicated through local partners and will be used by the Action 24 for advocacy and lobby to various stakeholders to improve policy environment and availability of seed funding for young persons
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