ICT: Empowerment of Youth for E-Transformation of Turkey Project
Youth Association for Habitat and Agenda 21
The Empowerment of Youth for E-transformation of Turkey Project aims to speed up the transformation of Turkey into an Information Society and focuses specifically on building the capacities of disadvantaged youth, women, children, and disabled persons. Our targeted constituents learn about Windows Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), digital life, Internet security, web design and software development training. The training has been provided to 130,000 people since 2005. The project aims to increase the computer literacy rate in Turkey. To do this we utilize a training kit in the name of Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential (Unlimited Potential), which has been translated into Turkish. The web site of the training kit is available at www.microsoft.com/digitalliteracy. The project education curriculum is being renewed for needs and expectations.
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