Youth Entrepreneurship
VISION: EMPOWERING DOMINICAN YOUTH IN REALIZING THEIR ENTREPRENEURIAL POTENTIAL. MISSION STATEMENT: TO EMPOWER DOMINICAN YOUTH IN REALIZING THEIR ENTREPRENEURIAL POTENTIAL BY FACILITATING ACCESS TO FINANCIAL, TECHNICAL AND SOCIAL ASSISTANCE GEARED TOWARDS THE DEVELOPMENT OF VIABLE BUSINESS, THEREBY CONTRIBUTING TO THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE NATIONAL ECONOMY. OBJECTIVES: (a) To develop a successful programme for the facilitation of youth business in Dominica. (b) To implement a successful programme that will foster cooperation among the public sector, the private sector and the donor community. (c) To assist in the increase of the number of young people in Dominica going into business. (d) To improve the quality of service, support and assistance accorded to Dominican youths. (e) To create awareness and mobilize support for the initiative of enhancing the entrepreneurial ability of young people in Dominica.
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