Vocational Education: A Crucial Mater for the Nation (MLMM) Project
Koç Holding A.Ş.
“Vocational Education: A Crucial Matter for the Nation” Project was initiated in partnership with Vehbi Koc Foundation and Ministry of Education in 2006, in order to promote youth employment through: - Building awareness on the importance of vocational education and encouraging youth to participate in vocational education programmes; - Leading public-private partnerships and creating a model for improving the quality of vocational education. The following targets were set in order to achieve these objectives: 1. To provide 8,000 students from 264 vocational high schools from all over Turkey (81 provinces at total) with educational scholarships and internship opportunity; 2. To create a model of cooperation between Koç Group companies and vocational high schools that will enhance similar public-private partnerships for improving the quality of vocational education; 3. To recruit and train minimum of 300 employee volunteer coaches for developing soft skills of the vocational education students; 4. To increase the enrolment rate to the vocational high school through public communication campaigns. 5. To provide students enrolled to the Programme with priority in the recruitment processes in Koç Group companies.
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