Community Youth in Development Activities
the main project tittle is on: Prevention, Withdrawal, Protection and Rehabilitation of Working Children through Education and Vocational Skills Training. The specific objectives are based on: A. IMPROVING ACCESS AND QUALITY OF EDUCATION FOR WORKING CHILDREN AND THEIR SIBLINGS i) Establishment of Multi-purpose Learning Centres ii) Developing and Implementing Teacher Training Programme for Project NFE schools iii) Provision of Counselling Services iv) Empowerment of DCLC and Communities through Enhanced Participation B. INSTITUTIONAL CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT C. DEVELOPING AND INSTITUTIONALIZING A SKILLS TRAINING APPROACH i) Outreach Skills Training Programme ii) Apprenticeship Scheme D. PROMOTING QUALITY OF LIFE i) Promoting an acceptable working environment through Occupational Safety and Health ii) Training on Life skills iii) Basic Business Skills Training iii) Vocational Guidance and Career Counselling Services for Working Children, Communities and the Primary School Teachers. E. ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT i) Skills and Basic Business Training for the Parents (esp. mothers) Creating Alternatives for families/ Referral of parents (especially mothers and adult family members) for Skills Training ii) Linkage with Micro Credit G. ACTION PROGRAMME DATA BASE SYSTEM H. CROSS CUTTING THEMES i) Promoting Gender Equality ii) HIV, AIDS and Child Labour iii) Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA)
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