YouthTrade Innovation Studio
YES, Inc.
YouthTrade is an organized social movement built on a simple yet big idea – providing markets for goods of young entrepreneurs under the age of 35. YouthTrade was born out of a simple question - how to align Conscious companies with Conscious entrepreneurs to provide (a) an opportunity for contribution for the company and (b) a leg up for the entrepreneur by providing access to markets (c) an easy way for consumers to contribute to both the company and the young entrepreneur by buying certified YouthTrade products. Three interlinked stakeholders: 1. The Supplier: An entrepreneur who joins as a member of YouthTrade and receives certification of their products – called a YouthTrade Entrepreneur. 2. The Retailer: A retailer such as Whole Foods Market who commits to placing YouthTrade certified products on their shelves – called YouthTrade Retailer. 3. The Consumer: a buyer who commits to buying YouthTrade products as a small percentage of their regular purchases – called a YouthTrade Consumer
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