Agenda Nacional de Trabalho Decente para Juventude (National Agenda of Decent Work for Youth)
Youth National Secretary
The National Agenda of Decent Work for Youth (ANTDJ), is based on the concept of decent work formulated by the ILO and is the result of social dialogue established between government, employers and employees. In this sense, ANTDJ should set priorities and lines of action. In this sense, 4 lines: 1) "More and better education"; 2) "How to balance your studies, family life and work"; 3) "Insert productive employment and decent in the world with perfect equality of opportunity"; 4) "The social dialogue between young people, work and education." Based on these four lines of action, it is expected that the National Agenda of Decent Work for Youth promotes a better condition of life, increased student assistance, like the personal qualification of young people. The difficulties of the job market for young people are serious, and National Agenda of Decent Work for Youth to promote decent work reconciling supply and demand of their own youth. This plan should be successful, based on the thought of the social dialogue respecting young people as subjects of rights, and supporting their education and personal decisions.
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