youth employment project-facilitation and improving employability
Kahawatte plantations plc.
The main problem faced by the Sri lankan plantations is the ageing work force.A recent survey carried out by a labour deoartment official stated that the situation all round the country is alarming and if not addressed immediately will result in crippling one of the major foreign exchange earner -the plantations ,in the future. When the situation was analysed it was revealed that there was a huge number of youth residing in the plantations who were not employed.Then when the situation was further analysed by the baseline survey by ILO it was revealed that there were lot of reasons for this.It was further revealed that most of the employed youth also were underemployed. As plantations we had to find ways in attracting new youth and retaining already employed youth to maintain the productivity levels. In addition we have a responsibility towards other youth who aspire in other jobs outside but who did not have proper qualifications,training and contacts. The other main factor considered was the reduction of youth idling resulting in them getting distracted towards even illegal activities.
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