National Federation of Youth Organisations in Bangladesh
A survey was undertaken to organize the target people in groups in the rural villages. A good motivation was also provided to many groups. At the end of the each training there were demonstration classes in which high breed eggs, hens and goats were distributed to the outstanding trainees to establish income generation projects by themselves. Necessary follow up guidance and extension service were provided for the trained youths. The main concept of this project was to give young people the opportunity to work and thus enable them to participate in the social and cultural life in their community. Training and self-employment of rural youth project aimed to provide mobile training on livestock and poultry farming for the poor youth in the rural villages of Bangladesh. 12 groups of rural poor youth had been selected from 12 different villages for the training and at the end of the project some 120 ( 80 male and 40 female) poor youth were trained.
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