Creating Opportunities for Youth Employment in Sudan
UNDP Sudan
“Creating Opportunities for Youth Employment in Sudan” is a UN Joint Programme (JP) funded by the MDG-F Span, with participation of 11 UN Agencies. It aims to provide skills development and livelihood opportunities to the youth with particular attention to migrant youth, returnees and demobilized soldiers. The programme targets three priority states: North Kordofan, South Kordofan & Blue Nile. The selection of those states was based on having a significant number of returnees. The core objective of the joint programme is to develop capacity for youth employment creation with particular reference to migrant groups. The joint programme outcomes adopt a three-pronged approach as outlined in the following three joint programme Outcomes: 1) Employment creation for youth is mainstreamed into the national development framework 2) Policies and measures are in place to help young returnees enter and remain in the labor market 3) Innovative interventions to create concrete employment and training opportunities for the youth developed and implemented in three states.
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