RECON-Digital Animation Apprentice Programme
At RECON-Digital we want to build a strong business where young people can aspire to having not just a “job”, but a career. Having encountered a distinct lack of the type of skilled animators we required, we devised a strategy we are calling the Animation Apprentice Programme in which we have resolved to identify, develop and then deploy young people who have the desire and the talent to become a vital part of our business. The simple idea is that we need certain skills, so we train talented and motivated young people in an apprenticeship context. We signed a bilateral commitment with the Apprentices that bonds them to RECON-Digital for a 2 year work contract following their successful completion of the training during which they will pay off the cost of the training. We wish to prepare these young animators to be market ready such that whether they remain with RECON-Digital or move on to other opportunities, they will be confident about their ability to function in an animation studio environment. We believe that if you want to grow your business you need the right young people to grow with you.
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