Building Employability Through Technology & Entrepreneurship Resources (BETTER)
Kenan Institute Asia
In an effort to tackle unemployment and bridge the digital divide in the workplace, Microsoft Thailand, the Thai Department of Skill Development and K.I.Asia have initiated a three-year project called Building Employability through Technology and Entrepreneurship Resources or BETTER. So far BETTER has equipped over 24,000 Thai workers with the information and communication technology skills needed to cope with rapid technological changes, thereby improving their employment and job-advancement opportunities. BETTER also has provided entrepreneurship training for those who want to start small businesses. The project, launched in 2009, encourages businesses to build skills for their workers in order to upgrade their human resources and strengthen their competitive position. K.I.Asia manages the project, engages stakeholders, mobilizes resources, provides the training, and conducts Public Relations campaigns and outreach activities. BETTER also has initiated an initiative called Young Social Entrepreneurs which is targeting young adults in rural communities in four regions. The project delivered a nine-day camp for 44 young adults in four regions of Thailand to build their social entrepreneurship spirit and skills through hands on, field visits and workshop activities. Successful role models and corporate volunteers were involved to inspire these youth leaders to see business potential leveraging community assets.
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