Berytech Incubation Awards and Regional academy for young entrepreneurs
Berytech Scal
Berytech Incubation Awards is a competition for entrepreneurs that have innovative business ideas and startup creation projects, wanting to create their enterprises, and looking for assistance. Established since 2002, this competition rewards winning entrepreneurs cash prizes as well as a series of support services from Berytech and its partners to benefit from the necessary assistance to create their start-ups in the incubator including coaching, mentoring, networking, housing, training and other. This program is supported by the Regional academy for young entrepreneurs which trains applicants to create their business models: this program is designed to enable aspiring entrepreneurs to thoroughly explore business opportunities and develop their potential and business culture. Through enlightening lectures, trainings and workshops guided by a dynamic team of instructors and experts, participants will learn what it takes to turn their ideas into feasible business opportunities.
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